We Write Your Story

Everyone and every business has a story to tell. How we started, what we provide, where we operate, and why we are doing what we do.These stories inform. They interest, they entertain, they inspire and they engage.

These stories need to be told. People need to know and many want to know about people and businesses that they can do business with. There is a place where you can tell these stories and read those of others, too.

UAE DNA captures the most gripping, surprising, funny and fascinating stories about people behind business and influencers in UAE and their DNA: The decision that changed everything. The realisation that created a business idea. The experience that formed a decision. The big break. The defining opportunity. The learning experience. The unexpected connection. A feature of biographies and daily features that highlight newsworthy, compelling and surprising points-of-view, we are the digital source for true stories about people that matter.

We want your story and offer you the chance to tell yours. UAE DNA is now in the process of compiling these bios and the business profiles of what makes up the matrix that made the UAE the business hub it is today. These are true stories that we want to write about you to tell others. After all, no one reads press releases at bedtime, advertisements at night or corporate websites for fun, do they?

This is the place where you can enjoy learning about other businesses and UAE Influencers, make new contacts but above all find an enjoyable way to do business.

UAE DNA wants your information to write your story. We will write an article about you or your business. Tell us about yourselves and we will write about you in an engaging way that attracts others to learn more about you. You already have your tone and style of doing things. Experience yourself or your business portrayed by professional storytellers and writers so others in the UAE can learn more about you. Become interested in you and – who knows? – perhaps do business with you as well.

These stories will remain on UAE DNA and will build your organisation through the only content-driven website in the UAE that provides stories about the businesses and UAE Influencers that are becoming and adding to the nation’s DNA.  After all, we are all adding to something bigger than ourselves.

Fill in the contact form below if you want to be featured in one of our noteworthy profiles. From the smallest to the biggest business that runs the economic mill, we’ll tell the world about you in a way no one else has done before.

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