Vazhakodan Govindan, also known as VG Nair or VG is a chemical engineer by profession but also a bee entrepreneur, business coach and yes, a bee expert.  He was born in Kerala, India in 1949.   

He spent his childhood days with bees and birds.  He loves nature and the ecosystem so much and he has been dedicating to its preservation to this day. He was just 20 years old when he started to get serious in education himself  about the bee culture and his enthusiasm took him to several bee research on all corners of the globe. He is greatly admired by the bee culture community with his dedication and his bee expertise. His has his very own apiary with 100 hives that he used for his research on various bee production and learning – bee behavior.

Today, he is connected with bee experts and beekeepers from 70 countries around the world. His knowledge and dedication for bees is undeniable. He is for the mitigation of the bee decline that is happening all around countries and therefore arms himself with the mission of preserving it. His undertaking the breeding of more bees for the world and the next generations to come.  Several of his plans are already executed in different parts of the world and he never lose sight with his vision on bee value propagation.

His global partnership company for bees is to give all bee enthusiasts the same expertise he has learned and help them to be independent entrepreneurs. He attributes his own experience to be the guide for these upcoming bee entrepreneurs and keep the preservation of the bee culture that we often take for granted. He works seemingly like a bee, none-stop –  and that is beyond the hive. 

What exactly does your business do?

We are born to generate more bees – for pollination, auxiliary bee products (like honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis, bee venom and wax) and help maintain the ecosystem.

We propagate bee values creating awareness, educating and training people, providing bee technology, encouraging by providing total bee keeping solution and supporting entrepreneurs that are bee enthusiasts. We service and operate our own apiary and bee breeding farms.

We strive to mitigate bee decline by hygiene beekeeping and help produce food free from poison (from insecticides that kills bees).

We are global.

What made you start in this line of business?

It is the need of the hour. Bees are declining all over the world and if bees are driven to extinction, it can lead to great disaster for the whole world. It is the social responsibility of each individual to help support have more bees in nature. It is a collective effort with a sustainable programs that is needed. That is the one which prompted us to initiate such a business model.

What were the challenges that you faced?

Getting connected with beekeepers and bee experts to make a collective effort and say that beekeepers are the real entrepreneurs that procreate abundance for the world was a task. The achievement and success was the culmination of several years of working in the bee world.

‘Bee fear’ is one that make people afraid of talking about bees, keeping bees. Most people do not have the knowledge that bees are good friends and that it is the one that help serve our food on the table; bees working in the wild weather pollinating the flowers and making to have us fruits, nuts and grains. Can I tell you that you can’t have your morning coffee without bees?

I personally call bees’ as nature’s doctor as every bee sting is a health booster for it has a chemical called mellittin that prevent cancer, alleviate body pain, migraine, arthritis etc. Apitherapy and natural beehive therapy are highly researched treatment segments in the modern world that is gaining momentum.

Do many people know that there are stingless bees that everyone can keep in their backyard with no hustle of bee stings or care and attention that the western bees need?

We know we have greater challenges ahead and the large supports we get from all over the world make every step exhilarating and enchanting.

We have meticulously worked out plans to reach our mission to people even in urban areas.

What made you overcame the challenges?

We have great vision that lessen every challenge we face. Our passion keeps us going.  Persuasion and persistence is the key. Slow and steady wins the race.

WHY did you go into this kind of business in UAE?

UAE is an adorable country that makes every dream come true. It is a possibility country. We, in the bee world, call it as ‘swarm’ place. The different nationalities are ‘swarms’ that wants to innovate and build. There are people from 200 nations living here in UAE and where else you could have such an opportunity to propagate bee values across the globe? It sure is an abode to propagate and grow.

Like bees are constantly to face challenges for every flight they take in their long journey, every day working 24 hours incessantly – to make every drop of honey; we face several challenges but don’t feel the drudgery with the vision enlightening our mission.

What inspires you?

Nature inspires all of us. It constantly teaches us; guides us. The alarming bee decline happening for more than a decade now is one that triggers the inspiration combined with the ideas and its development over the years that were incubated in the minds of the founder for years.

What are your future plans?

We are in the process of implementing an Apiculture Incubation Farm in UAE with the aim to create bee value awareness in the public with ample educational programs and also provide total bee keeping solution for the local farmers with learning, bee hygiene, product farming, apiculture technology etc. thus inspiring them and assuring them buy back arrangements for bee products and servicing their need.

We have also proposed a bee park for Dubai with a bee museum that can show case the world bee culture and bee products. That is a huge project that has to come before 2020 expo.

Our BeeVs are designed to promote bee villages anywhere and everywhere in the world with the support and guidance of experts around them. Also Bee Cells shall be formed with local entrepreneurs to give total bee keeping solution, creating more entrepreneurs.

Some countries have been selected to have Bee Cells or Bee Parks as a system for operational ease and respect local rule, customs and laws.

We are set to make our thoughts and ideas for a global enterprise generating thousands of job opportunities, entrepreneurial openings and in every way helping every nation to have more bees thus generating abundance.

How do you think can your business create more entrepreneurs?

Most entrepreneurs start their business with a survival or existence theme that is a weak and dull with less of vision. The entrepreneurial failures as well as successes are based on mindset. Right and proper mind set for success makes not so possible a possibility.

Solo entrepreneurs suffer a lot on the way. That is the reason more than 90% enterprises fail within the first 3 years. They lack clear direction as most of the time they focus on lack of money, lack of support, lack of technology, lack of management, lack of idea, lack of marketing facility, lack of market insight etc.

We are committed to support entrepreneurs in every way possible.

For bee enthusiasts we have designed support system that can make them a clean take off independently or together with us.


Our Platform: Global Bee Village :

Address: Dubai


Mobile: 00971558876247  |  0502804838

by Cristina Magallon
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