by Cristina Magallon

John Bates said that the greatest tool of communication given to us by Mother Nature is just on the table, and he is talking about the power of storytelling.

For anyone who doesn’t know John Bates, it means you haven’t really figured out the elemental key of what makes anybody’s business tick. People just loves to read or hear stories. Especially if it is a good one.

John Bates is an active coach to many top brass CEO’s and executives at big name companies like Motorola and Johnson & Johnson. He trains over a hundred of TEDx speakers and is considered one of the best communication trainers working today. And he can really tell you a story that makes you glued to the finish.

And what story does he tell? It is about people, like you and me, who crossed that entrepreneurial line.

I totally agree with Bates that everyone has that one special talent that makes him a genius at. This is something that you know perfectly what you are very good at doing. It is a gift that you can recite without blinking an eyelash – making you fluent in that particular field. Be it accounting, dancing, construction, baking, or even washing the laundry. Or whatever it may be.

Yes, I do believe that everyone has a gift or a talent to share in this world and if you don’t come forward to share this – no one will ever find out if you don’t share this gift for anyone to conclude that you are the best person for the job.

The surge of the internet makes it easier for anyone to just come out to showcase who they are. It may be frowned upon to self promote but there are ways on how to do this without sounding so obnoxious.

To deny the world the talent that you can give, you are doing injustice to this world. Your purpose is to help those that may need your expertise or that given gift. We live by correlating this gifts to make everyone’s life exist harmoniously.

Again, you are the best person for the job and if no one knows, then no one will really knows that you are the right person for the job – if you don’t come forward.

But how does one do it if you are a lousy writer or speaker like many of us. Not everyone has this innate talent of speaking, writing or have that fluid expression of thoughts.

I am in the business of writing stories and what I learned about the story telling process is that our level of expression really can’t be translated into words in an instant. You need someone to help you, I do.

But hey, nobody said writing would be easy. Except Hemingway perhaps. His method?

“Sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

Just start doing it. You are the best person to tell your story.

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