How did you start your business?
Having more than 10 years in advertising business in the Middle East, I decided to open my own production company to assure better service, reasonable price and creative approach.

Why did you decide to go into this line of business in the UAE?
Advertising is about fashion, you always get inspired. I want to help my clients to make a visual identity of their brands. Everyone has a story, I just help them to make this story match to their business ideas. Of course, with the help of printing service.
My company is small yet, but I work 24/7, 7 days a week to make sure that I cannot say no to any idea that my clients come up with.

What were the highs and lows of setting up your business? High and Low Moments
First of all, it is really difficult to decide to be independent. The challenge is huge: investments, even  a clients loss.  And of course, you need to build up your name. Why would clients and should trust you? Why would they should give you their orders? The answer is simple: you need to believe in yourself. You need to know and understand why you are in the market.

What was your best day at work?
My best day of work is when I have an inquiry and contract for 100,000 giveaways. I think it is a great sign of being trusted. That gives me power to move on.

What was your worst day at work?
Sometimes my worst day is at end of each month when the bills are due to be paid. But I am confident in what I do, and surely, the best days are yet to come. Lots of my clients are cutting the marketing budgets, so does it mean that I need to give up? No, I am just searching for ways to meet their requirements – to think not like the production manager, but as a client to assure their market presence and save the money.

How did you manage to fund or finance your business?
I got a loan and I find it a good way to start the initiative.  Risky, but all worth doing.

Who has been your greatest influence in setting up this venture?
I think my clients. I’ve seen their challenges and requirements and I always try to find the right to match with their price requirement with my business. Rather than them leaving for other suppliers, I give discounts to continue working with them.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs when setting up their businesses?
Trust and believe yourself. Love what you do. You don’t need to rock the mountains, but you need to be different. Think what can you make to fill in the need? Ask me, I know.

Describe any amusing or strange experiences, or interesting moments (an incident that happened that you will never forget) that took place while establishing or running your business.
One day client called me and asked if I can make stickers for an exhibition outside the UAE. The question came  as a surprise when the asked how to transport this to Singapore.  Can you believe that? So we used the engineering tube with huge vinyl stickers inside the orders. To arrange that took me quite some time to think outside of the box.

Describe any challenges you experienced and how you overcame them.
Challenges are what make the world go forward and interesting. I enjoy what I do, and always say that life is great!  I learn every day how to be a businessman, not an employee – and that is a challenge. I don’t have my BA, but I do get knowledge from the field. That costs more than millions books – it is learned knowledge from actual experiences in the business.

Outline the reasons why your business succeeded and any particular factors that influenced your success.
I really think it is self dedication. You need to forget about everything in order to be successful. The first years of business are the really critical times but you need to give your all. Later on, this will pay you back. I still use this strategy.

Did you ever think you will be what you are today?
Yes, I always dream about it.

Outline your future plans for your business.
I want to have my unique corporate gifts collection. Right now I am collaborating with great designers who do almost everything from wood that is organic and stylish.  I offer to my clients wooden letters, wooden boards, sometimes it is great to see how it looks inside the office interior!

Outline any important lessons you learned along the way or ways in which you would have done things differently.
I think I would have to save more to be able to be stabilize and stay afloat in these challenging time. Maybe,  I would rethink and consider to have a partner in the business in order to have financial assistance since I am managing everything myself. Overall, I am happy with how things are going but a partner would be a great help.

Describe the defining moment that made you feel certain that your business is going in the direction you want it to go.
Client satisfaction – thats what I see and get from every customers I had and that is my biggest motivation.

Explain why you set up your business in the UAE.
I love UAE.  It gives you plenty of chances to learn from other successful people and to keep on going on. I’ve never seen or heard about similar places like that. It has becomes my home already.

What is the single most important decision you made that contributed to your business?
To be honest, that moment and decision to add the creative wooden collection in the business. It allowed me to stand out from the competition and do something different in the Middle East.

Anything you want to add or tell us?
Love what you do.


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By Cristina Magallon
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