How did this business name came about?
As the name itself advocates, we organize events, marketing campaigns and design jobs for our clients.

How did you start your business?
I was an 18 year old call center agent in one of the biggest telecom companies in UAE.  But I was very enthusiastic in craving a turf that would make my life feel not a copy-paste out from the previous dates. One of my colleagues happened to be a freelance promotional staff booker who generously offered me ideas in starting off working as a freelance in events. That’s how I got into it

Why did you decide to go into this line of business in the UAE?
Dubai is a fast rising economy with a promising future to any business enthusiasts. There is no shortage of events or marketing campaigns that streamlines any industry in UAE.

What were the highs and lows of setting up your business? High and Low Moments
I’d say the first 6 months when you start off presenting your business to clients and not really get the jobs that you want to was a long low moment for us.

Our high moments are when we make a difference. We love receiving constructive positive feedback from our clients. One precise high moment would be planning a entire event for over 1000 attendees in a little over a week.

What was your best day at work?
Every day is the best day at work. We always have challenges to face and tasks to test our capabilities.

What was your worst day at work?
We don’t really have those.

How did you manage to fund or finance your business?
I self-funded the business through long term savings.

Who has been your greatest influence in setting up this venture?
My clients back from the days when I used to work as a freelancer. I was frequently being commended for the work that I do and it certainly provided me the impulsion to take the next step.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs when setting up their businesses?
Make it unquestionable, this is what you want and recognize that it’s not going to be an easy journey. Accept all the calamities and obstacles that come along with it. Moreover, don’t do it if you don’t understand it.

Describe any amusing or strange experiences, or interesting moments (an incident that happened that you will never forget) that took place while establishing or running your business.
We have had a lot of last minute clients that decide to change their event planner a day before the event. It’s always a hurdle and a challenge to cater to custom jobs at last moments.

Describe any challenges you experienced and how you overcame them.
Being an ecommerce-style event support shop with a wide diverse range of products and services, We rely heavily on our suppliers. This can likely create a lot of issues and disorder in our operations if we don’t trail a strict filtering protocol for them, We have overcome it by working and adoption yearly agreements with the finest in the market.

Outline the reasons why your business succeeded and any particular factors that influenced your success.
We offer something unique that none of our competitors do. You can browse through our website for 10 minutes and that will give you an idea on the monetary requirement of your event. We don’t make our clients wait to obtain an estimate if they are planning an event.

Did you ever think you will be what you are today?
Yes indeed, Moreover I know where I’ll be 5 years from now. 

Outline your future plans for your business.
We are working on our business plan which comprises a mobile app that will assist user to plan their event on a step by step wizard. This however will be powered by a set of portals (websites) .

Outline any important lessons you learned along the way or ways in which you would have done things differently.
Small details matter and its best to tend to them.

Describe the defining moment that made you feel certain that your business is going in the direction you want it to go.
-Positive feedback from our clients.
-Clients that call us just to tell us how amazed they are with our platform.

Explain why you set up your business in the UAE.
Setting up a business is UAE is straightforward and is outlined seamlessly by the government. Being born and bred here also makes it instinctively a reason to set up a business in your own turf.

What is the single most important decision you made that contributed to your business?
Resigning from my previous job and going ahead with an partial drafted business plan.


Abdul Hakeem Mohammad
Founder and CEO
Organize It For Me
Office Address: Dubai UAE
Instagram: oifmuae
Facebook: Organize It For Me
Contact Number:+971505566691

By Cristina Magallon
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LinkedIn: Cristina Magallon
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