Hassan Siddiqi is Founder & CEO of EjarCar.com. Prior to starting EjarCar.com, Hassan launched YallaMotor.com and has eight years experience in Business Development in MENA region.

What motivated you to be an entrepreneur?

Since childhood I’ve been reading magazines like Fortune, Forbes, etc. I believe I can’t do anything else other than entrepreneurship. I’m interested in innovation that helps add significant value for people.

Tell us about your business. What exactly does EjarCar.com do?

EjarCar.com is a platform connecting vehicle rental companies and customers. Our vision is to be the leading online marketplace for vehicle rentals in MENA region. We save time and money for people by giving them the best deals and enabling free delivery and online payment for maximum convenience.

How did you start EjarCar.com? Can you tell us how did this all start?

The typical customer research for rentals is via newspaper classifieds or Google Search. In both cases, the process is time consuming and information is not easily available. There are hundreds of local car rental companies and they have great deals but people don’t know about them.

We decided to create an updated platform that provides rental car rates, online payment, free delivery and excellent customer service to ensure customers save time and money significantly.

Does one goes to a proper school to become who you are? Where did you acquire this expertise?

I have launched an online classifieds business before and worked in the corporate world for eight years before embarking on this venture. I still feel like a student and have a long way to go. The journey is extremely rewarding.

Who was your inspiration to go into this line of business? What made you wake up one day and say, “This is what I am gonna’ do.”

I get inspired by people who dedicate themselves to continuous mastery. I consider Tony Robbins a great inspiration. With EjarCar.com, I saw a business opportunity and decided to go for it. It was a leap of faith and a risk but I felt it will be a bigger risk NOT to go for it.

Who were you before becoming an entrepreneur?

I was a Business Development Manager specializing in online automotive classifieds. Before that I was in sales with Gulf News Online Classifieds, focusing on automotive classifieds. So I had an understanding of how web businesses work and the business model was quite intriguing.

Did you ever think you will be running a company like EjarCar.com one day? What would you have been had you not been is you were not in this kind of business?

I have always dreamt about being a successful entrepreneur. It is our first year at EjarCar.com and we have a long way to go. If it was not for EjarCar.com I would probably be in the corporate world fulfilling someone else’s vision!

What was the hardest moment during those early years? (The most challenging part in this line of business).

We are still in our early years and there are many challenges similar to other online startups. We are enjoying every bit of the ride.


Hassan Siddiqi
Founder and CEO
Website: https://ejarcar.com
Office Address: Dubai UAE
Instagram: EjarCar
Facebook: EjarCar.com
E-mail: hassan@ejarcar.com
Contact Number:+971502448305

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