-Why it is important for businesses to have a presence online? 

When you put something online, this is virtually forever. Even if you die, your business stories can be read by generations to come. Your children, your children’s children and so on and so forth. Generations can read about your legacy.

What that says to the community?

The digital culture has some unique characteristics that transcends geographical proximity; and it knows no physical boundaries; recognizes no socio-economics, racial or ethnic hierarchies or divisions. This is so true to UAE where businesses are so diversified. Regardless of who you are, UAE opens that door to anyone and allow businesses to contribute at the same speed of the country’s economic growth.

So any business online is a rich virtual culture open to anyone with access to a computer device and an internet connection. Indeed, this is the infinite way to measure any historical research you can do about any business owner across UAE.

-What should businesses know about being online?

The internet never sleeps, and every portal offered online allows that business a virtual 24-hour showroom. Your business story will be one of them.

It is a fact that in this electronic era, more and more people are searching online.

So it is important that your business story is out there in the web – you create that online identity and presence. Every content that you post is there – and there forever. This is what people will think of you based on what they read about you online.

What do they need to consider?

People love to hear a good business story that could have been their own.

And I believe that everyone and every business has a story to tell, regardless of how small. How it started, what they provide, where they operate, and why they are doing what they do. These stories inform. They interest, they entertain, they inspire, and they engage.

Your business story is one of the ways others can come to know your motivations and commitments, long before they decide to become customers.

So if you can capture a reader about who you are as a person, not only will you have a fan for life, you could even inspire someone else to follow his dream.

If you are a business in UAE and looking to create presence online, then be online. Tell your story. Humanise your content. Make me, the reader, know that you are a human person too. Inspire me. That’s it, you have to inspire others for them to say ‘Ahhh, that was a good story.’

You will rightfully be part of that business history of UAE.

Be proud that you are a part of this whole big UAE DNA picture that makes up the UAE currency. Your story matters.

What are the do’s and don’t  

Business owners in UAE must integrate the problem or pain point that they went through in putting up the business when answering the questionnaires given to them.

This is a long questionnaire – but they have to rethink how they will answer it because this is for historical research and for brand presence, that this is their story online. They don’t have to pay anyone or shell an amount for personal brand promotions. They just have to give it TIME to answer the questionnaires.

They should not worry about spellings or grammar or sentence composition. A team of writers are at the helm to oversee it.

While some people might be interested in why they started a company or business instead of pursuing other options, the birth pains that a business owner goes through are really the focal point that inspires people to follow suit.

That’s what captures the readers interest.

DONT’s. They should stop annoying their customers with hard sell marketing. Start earning their trust by telling them your pain points as a person!

That will make anyone look towards your direction, because you are:

  1. HUMAN.

And anyone really likes a good story.

Have you had a lot of success with this new project?

This new project UAE DNA (www.uaedna.com) is a literary library of business owners point of view of their success in UAE. Small, medium or big – we cover all business owners. It is vital to gather these information resources because these provides a historical account of how the nation grew to become what it is today.

This is a content driven portal that provides stories about the businesses that are becoming and adding to the nations DNA currency.

Not only will this be an inspirational ground for others to learn the ropes of doing business in UAE; researchers and some educational entities can make use of this information that we are collecting.

Many have written about business profiles but never about the people behind these business successes. Ok, maybe a few were written. But why not each and every business? Regardless, they comprise that matrix that made UAE what it is today.

The most surprising I think is how many great establishments tried to help other business through UAE DNA by telling their own account of how they managed to beat the odds and unknowingly, really contributed to the economics of the country. Heart warming stories that really inspire those that have the entrepreneurial dreams.

We hope that we, UAE DNA, can also contribute to this country. And that is making a data of business stories that really matter.

Is there a big market for this in the UAE amongst entrepreneurs?  

UAE DNA captures the most gripping, surprising, funny and fascinating stories about people behind businesses in UAE and their DNA: The decision that changed everything. The realisation that created a business idea. The experience that formed a decision. The big break. The defining opportunity. The learning experience. The unexpected connection. It is a portal of UAE business owners biographies and daily features that highlight newsworthy, compelling and surprising points-of-view business talks, we are the digital source for true stories about people that matter.

This is the place where you can enjoy learning about other businesses, make new contacts but above all find an enjoyable way to do business.

Imagine the whole UAE business platform. Yes, a very big number is out there. We are here to help tell their story online – each one of them.

Cristina Magallon

Editor-In-Chief, UAE DNA



by Lola Basyang
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