What makes Anita Milovac really excited about life is that she is a multi faced individual who wears several hats in her professional development.

She is a qualified NLP and Life Coach, motivating and guiding people to follow their highest potential and get them “fired up” to take action towards it.

Anita is very passionate about her Women Empowerment Programme. Being a motivational speaker gives her the “buzz” as well as conducting motivational stress management trainings for corporate clients and their teams.

How did you start your business?

I started my business as a Women Empowerment Coach, Corporate Stress Management Coach, Motivational Speaker and Writer about one year ago.

Why did you decide to go into this line of business in the UAE?

I believe there is a huge demand in UAE in regards to Coaches covering specific life areas of people in the market.

There are already a lot of coaches out there, but I specify in Women Empowerment as I believe that Women often conform to societies standards as opposed to follow their own dreams. And even though there are many wonderful women out there being real role models already and combining their dreams of career and motherhood, there are still too many who are blocked from their own fear and limiting beliefs.

Especially with all these different cultures and nationalities coming to one huge melting pot like Dubai, my coaching offers the right clarity and guidance for Women to break through their old patterns and live life to their full potential.

As a Corporate Stress Management Coach, I combine coaching elements and techniques with exercises, Movement and motivational speaking. This is a very specific and unique combination that allows employees to get out of their comfort zone, increase their productive and motivation, and approach their daily stress levels at work as well as life in general from a completely new and fresh perspective.

There are still very few companies in the region who recognize that their employee happiness is their most valuable asset. With my work, I hope to introduce more and more leaders of organizations and companies to organize such corporate stress management sessions with their employees.

As a writer, I blog for the Huffington Post Germany.

What were the highs and lows of setting up your business? High and Low Moments

My lowest moment was when I set up my website and business and was ready to hit the floor running only to realize that getting clients at first was a huge obstacle. Even though Coaching is already widely accepted and respected, there still seemed to be a little preconception about what coaches really do. Therefore it took me a few months of regular and strong inbound marketing to sign up my first clients.

My highest moment was when I signed a contract with one of the industry leaders in the region to organize and conduct their corporate stress management coaching for over 3000 of their employees.

What was your best day at work?

In my line of work I am very blessed, as I regularly have amazing days working with people, especially in those moments when my clients have their breakthrough experience, and often cry out of happiness and relief. One of my best days was when I conducted my first Corporate Stress Management Session with over 150 employees, the management and Chairmen of the company.

My session started at 9 am, so when I entered the room everyone was obviously tired, not motivated and didn’t know what to expect from me. Throughout my session the energy had shifted dramatically and people were enthusiastic, excited, inspired and completely motivated by the time I had finished my training with them. This experience filled my heart with so much gratitude for my work as I do have a certain “privilege” in changing people’s lives for the better.

What was your worst day at work?

My worst day at work was when one of my clients came to me after loosing her child.

As a coach I am always emotionally detached to the situation as I have to stay focused and guide my clients in the best possible way I can to achieve the results they want.

However, as a human being and a woman this experience had me have sleepless nights afterwards.

How did you manage to fund or finance your business?

As I set up my business online through Skype coaching and conduct trainings for companies, my level of expense is very low.

All the costs I had with having my coaching training to become a coach, setting up my website and business I paid with the money I had saved through my corporate working life. Also, I was still working full time in the time I set up my business, which helped to maintain a regular income until I had established my business.

Who has been your greatest influence in setting up this venture?

My greatest influence in setting up my business was my passion for positively changing peoples lives.

I have had the calling for this line of work for a long time, but didn’t know exactly what it was until I travelled to Bali and stayed in a Surf Camp. There were many people with different careers and some of them were coaches, coaching clients on Skype and in person in the surf camp. Seeing their passion, love and results in their work had me have my AHA moment. I just knew instantly that this is what I had to do.

Following that experience I have many people in the industry I look up to as role models such as Marie Forleo, Anthony Robbins. Les Brown and many more.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs when setting up their businesses?

I would like to tell every entrepreneur to know their WHY!

Why do you want to do the business you do and what is your ultimate goal behind it. Having an own business is one of the most rewarding things in life, but also one of the most challenging.

Therefore one of my biggest advices would always be to follow the 3P’s: Patience (nothing comes over night), Persistence (keep going, keep going, keep going), Perseverance (never give up)!

Describe any amusing or strange experiences, or interesting moments (an incident that happened that you will never forget) that took place while establishing or running your business.

One of the most amusing experiences I had when establishing my business was quite interesting. I was standing with a friend in Knowledge Village while she was on her phone talking. A man came up to me asking me for direction. When I answered him where to go he then asked me, if I was a fitness trainer. I said that I am very sporty, but do not train others in fitness.

He then asked what my line of work was. So, I went on telling him that I am a Women Empowerment & Corporate Stress Management Coach. He then told me that he is a consultant that hires Coaches to do training for his clients.

So we then exchanged numbers and he eventually hired me for a very big coaching session with a very important corporate Company in the region, without knowing my work or having ever seen me in action.

This man had simply followed his intuition.

Luckily for both of us it went well and we got the project. But that was surely a magical experience for that just like that someone listens to his intuition and hires you for a massive project without having any credentials nor references of you.

Describe any challenges you experienced and how you overcame them.

When I had my first motivational speech for a big corporation in Dubai I was obviously very nervous.

Even though I had my prepared myself properly for that talk, I had never before in my life given a 1 hour speech in front of 250 people. The crowd thought at that time that giving speeches is something I had been doing for years.

Part of my preparation for that session was active visualization and I had convinced myself that I can do it and imagined how successful it would be.

My slogan for that was “fake it until you make it”!

My hard work towards that project and the confidence in my skills and abilities had made it possible for me to succeed and win the project.

It all starts and ends with your mindset, so when you prepare yourself properly and you know what you are doing, you can overcome any challenge.

Outline the reasons why your business succeeded and any particular factors that influenced your success.

My business is successful because I focused on a very particular niche.

I had analyzed and researched my “future clients” and knew them better than my best friend so to speak. I think that the key of every successful business is to understand why you are doing it and who your target audience is. And then also providing a solution for the problem of your niche.

I believe that creating value for your clients and providing a unique experience in a challenging and competitive market is one of the key elements of success.

I have never doubted myself and was convinced of my services and that what I had to offer was different and of importance.

It is essential to build that trust level with your clients and always exceed their expectations. I always went out of my comfort zone and whenever I faced I challenge, I saw that rather as an opportunity to learn and grow from.

Did you ever think you will be what you are today?

I must say that I had asked myself that question several times and the answer is no. I did always know that I want to run my own business, but I had never in my mind thought of coaching and public speaking.

One of my biggest fears used to be public speaking (btw, thats the second largest fear of humanity after death).

As a former Event Manager and professional dancer I was used to be on stage, announce an event, introduce a speaker and perform as an artist, but speaking and holding the attention of the audience of a long period of time made me sweat.

So, that I am where I am today is because I allowed myself to become the person I am supposed to be. And who knows what else is out there for me, but in the end it only proofs that unless we try, we will never find out.

Outline your future plans for your business.

I have several ideas in mind, but for now I would like to expand my business and offer a wider variety of coaching programs that are not yet existing in the market in that format.

With that concept, I hope to get every big corporation involved to work with me and create a unique corporate stress management program for their employees.

I would also like to establish a Women Empowerment Foundation, that is in particular focused on young women in schools and universities, as they are our future and when we start encouraging and empowering them from a younger age, they are more likely to develop their potential faster and with higher confidence in themselves.

Outline any important lessons you learned along the way or ways in which you would have done things differently.

I have learned that nothing is impossible with dedication and hard work! There is indeed no traffic on the extra mile!

Describe the defining moment that made you feel certain that your business is going in the direction you want it to go.

That was the moment when I had my first motivational speech and it was a success. Without any prior experience nor training in speaking I managed to pull it off in a professional manner. This is when I felt deep inside that I am on the right path.

Explain why you set up your business in the UAE?

It is an emerging market with so many different nationalities and cultures. Its geographic location is perfect and the market creates a platform for my line of business.

What is the single most important decision you made that contributed to your business?

Investing in myself.


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