If you’re trying to figure out who is behind every business and the influencers that composes the dna matrix of UAE, or you  know anyone who does – you have come to the right people who writes about them.

www.uaedna.com is UAE’s media platform for UAE based entrepreneurs that storytell their businesses and dedicate their entrepreneurial passion, learnings, their experiences that is part of the DNA ecosystem in UAE.

UAE DNA was started in July 2015 by Cristina Magallon. Armed with a degree in Mass Communications from St. Theresa’s College, Cebu prior to founding UAE DNA, Cristina worked for a high end glossy ESPEJO Magazine in the Philippines as it’s Managing Editor. In 2013, she moved to UAE  to write content for SME’s and drive their social media accounts. After two years of doing social media strategies for big brands like Giordano, Aeropostale, ALDO shoes under Drive Social Media, she became prominent in the digital landscape of UAE. Just after two years in the foreign country, Cristina gathered a following of 89,500 plus on LinkedIn and 94.2K on Twitter @DriveSocMedia. She was dubbed the social media genie of UAE then-on from moving SME’s to the biggest brands across the digital world in the Middle East.

UAE DNA features business owners stories in UAE. It has provided online presence and PR campaign opportunities to start-ups and business entrepreneurs by featuring their stories and driven to her online platforms on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and G+. UAE DNA’s website reaches out to the niche readers in UAE, the Middle East and across the world. Her  followers on social networks is one of the largest in UAE in this segment.

Learn about the people that own these businesses and  know their success stories on how they became vital to what makes UAE the country that undeniably became the strongest force to reckon with.  UAE is where businesses thrive and where money flows – and many readers from the outside is eager to know.

UAE DNA writes biographies in a Q&A format, and share them so these businesses will become an inspiration to the many that has a vision to be a part of the growth of  UAE.

‘You are inspiration. Your stories will influence many and start their own contribution to be a part of this strong business DNA structure. You are important.  And people need to know how vital your role is in the making of UAE.’ Cristina quips.

Everyone wants to know who you are, what you do.  If you are superhuman or just the same who goes to the gym, or for a swim.  Everyone wants to know your lifestyle and how your day manages.

Many wants to know what you do, who you are, and what inspiring lessons can I get from your experience.


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