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The situation of freelance in the Arab world is still primitive. However, with so many available opportunities, somebody may get an idea and start implementing it, making the first of its kind to satisfy the huge market. With the emergence of so many comprehensive freelance platforms, it was clear that more specialized platforms are needed. Soundeals is a freelance platform specializing in recording and voice acting projects.

Sound has a magical effect, especially in the field of business and advertisement. Strong, attractive voice will help you marketing your business and showing how professional your services are. Pure and clear voice attracts attention and makes listeners focus and just listen. Despite the importance of investing sound potentials, the Arab arena lacked the technical means and there were no attempts or platforms to bring voice talents together in one place.

“A voice actor must start his career from scratch, talent alone is not enough. He should improve the talent throughout continuous training, reading as much as he can. After making sure that we can work with clients, and building home recording studio or a professional one, we start creating the character that will present considerable voice and image to the clients…” Wael Habbal, Senior Sound/Audio Engineer in MBC Group.

The Mission

Soundeals is the first platform of its kind in the Arab world that works as a mediator between voice talents and media workers, ensuring their rights.

Soundeals is a freelancing platform specialized in recordings and voice over projects. It is considered the first and largest voice talents gathering in the MENA region. It includes talents and professional voice actors, in addition to professionals in the businesses related to sound production, like editing, composition, montage and others.

Soundeals voice actors have collaborated with hundreds of international companies and radio stations like Kia, Toyota, Coca Cola, Lay’s, Chipsy, Western Union, King Abdulaziz University and Al Jazeera Channel.

In The Beginning, There Was the Idea

This idea emerged as we encountered a problem with one of the previous projects. We wanted to create a promotional video for the project, however, we didn’t like the voice provided by the video designer. We asked him to propose some voices, and the surprise was that he only knew two voices. Then we discovered that there is no single place that gathers all voice talents in the Arab world, so we wanted to take the lead and benefit from providing such service to the media workers.

The idea started to develop and turn into a venture four months before launching the website in April 2016. It was a research and knowledge journey through the artistic voice field, in addition to attracting voice talents and creating a database that contains information about them.

Challenges and Difficulties

The most critical challenge was that we had no idea about this field or any other artistic field. We didn’t even know the terminology, denominations or sectors. It took us more than two weeks of research to understand the field, study it closely, and get to know the other ventures in the field of sound in general. We found many modest individual efforts, but they were limited to presenting the idea as a blog, a personal website or a page on social media. Choosing an appropriate name for the venture was another challenge, since the project is related to sounds, we focused on choosing a name that indicates the theme, with a ringing sound.

Why the UAE?

As we said earlier, the situation of freelance in the Arab world is still primitive, and startups face lots of problems and obstacles on all levels. However, some people in the UAE are still trying to change this reality. IN5 facilitates many things to startups like us to get started quickly and helps us accelerate our mission.

Influence and Inspiration

The idea of Soundeals came suddenly as we discovered the gap in the MENA region by coincidence and we wanted to fill it.

While we were promoting one of our previous ventures, ( for shared accommodation, we wanted to get some voice samples of a few voice actors to choose a suitable one. The Graphics designer gave us a link from and another link from, he said he only knew those two voice actors. Then the idea just shined. We started doing some research, and we found that this idea already exists in the West in the form of websites. There were some Arab voice actors on these websites but they were scattered among them. That was where we got the idea for our next venture.

The Vision

We are planning to expand our venture and to have offices and professional studios in some countries around the Arab world, to help all soundeals dealers pay and receive revenue easily. We are also planning to provide them with a location to record at suitable prices, and a place to practice and get evaluation and support.

A Message to Other Entrepreneurs

Remember that your ideas don’t just express your own needs. Do not make an application for a study group when your exams are approaching and you feel that you need such an application, remember that many students would also need this idea.

Present your idea as MPV Minimal Product Value, or as Prototype. You should never waste your time improving the idea or trying to make it just perfect before launching it. Some people say that if no one ridicules your startup or makes fun of it, then you’re launching it too late.

Your audience and users are more important than the venture. Never forget to reply to their messages and to follow up. Make sure you contact them and explain anything that may come up or any new update for your product.

You may disagree and discuss everything loudly. It’s okay if someone gets some scratches during conflicts, now  – I’m just kidding!

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